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Thank you for your interest in selling your products in our shop! 

Helpful hints for those of you who are new to selling your work.

Take the time to figure out a suggested retail price. As a consignment store we pay out 60% of the sale to the artist. We ask that you keep pricing uniform whether it be at other stores or craft shows.

Supply our retail location with an ample amount of your work. Our minimum amount to keep in stock of each item is 5, but we prefer to have 10 or more items. A good variety of colors/patterns always helps sell your work.

Submit an inventory and price list with your work every time you restock us. Tangled Up In Hue hand picks all work. If some of the work you bring in is not right for us at the time, we will simply cross it off of your inventory list.


1. The artist’s work will remain on consignment with Tangled Up In Hue for a minimum of 30 days. At the end of 30 days, Tangled Up In Hue reserves the right to either a) keep the artist’s unsold merchandise on consignment or b) return any unsold merchandise to the artist. 

2. Tangled Up In Hue reserves the right to remove work for whatever reason we may choose. Artists may remove artwork with a one week notice to Tangled Up In Hue at any time. Artists may not remove work for the purpose of working an outside event with the intent of returning items to the store. **YOU MAY NOT PULL INVENTORY FOR SHOWS!!**

3. Payments will be made available to the artist anytime between the 5th - 30th of each month. We welcome the opportunity to see you and appreciate your involvement. You will receive a list of what sold during the month along with your payment. 

4. Tangled Up In Hue will do its best to promote, display and sell your work. You as the artist agree to keep Tangled Up In Hue supplied with artwork. Please take as much pride in keeping up on inventory and stocking us with your work as we do in selling it.

5. Tangled Up In Hue is not responsible for any lost damaged or stolen merchandise.

6. Tangled Up In Hue does not provide insurance for any artwork regardless of price or nature of work. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist.

Tangled Up In Hue is growing and changing everyday and we are excited that you’ve chosen to join us.

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