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Tangled Up In Hue currently features the following area artists:






Abbie Fischer For Simplicities Sake Hand-Bound Journals Eau Claire, WI

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Alexia Kane Artesian Way Handmade earrings Eau Claire, WI N/A

Alexis Delve Lucky Rabbit Spells Hand-crafted spell necklaces Altoona, WI

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We are a small witchery of two humans, two rabbits, and a very old & VERY loud feline familiar. We take immense pride in creating & researching our hand-crafted, hypoallergenic spells and magickal tools so you can be your best mystical self!
Alisha Brazeau Lavender Plum Boutique Handmade Crocheted Hats, Headbands, and Stuffed Animals Chippewa Falls, WI  

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"I have been crocheting for 5 years. Creating items with fiber and a hook was so appealing to me, two simple items and then voila. A functional item. Crocheting has been a staple in my life. I find joy, it fuels my soul and is a creative outlet for me to express myself."
Allison Freese Slowpoke Felting Handmade Felted Flowers and Two-Dimensional Wall Art Eau Claire, WI

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I began needle felting at the start of the pandemic with a kit from Tangled Up In Hue, and I quickly developed a passion for the art. I have since expanded my interests to include felt flowers and two-dimensional wall art. I love being able to create lasting beauty to add color to any space.
Allison Hedler Poisana Art Embroidered and Acrylic Paintings & Figurines Fall Creek, WI
My name is Allie Helder, I have been doing art for the better half of three years consistently. Covid sparked a new drive for creating for me in my home. My art is inspired by nature, bright colors, gradient color, and relaxation.
Amber Liddle Liddle Handmade Handmade Bibs and Teethers Milwaukee, WI 

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Amy Beidleman Amy Beidleman N/A Original Watercolor, Cards Eau Claire, WI native, Aspen, CO My Website
Amy Nelson Dancing Deer Design Handmade Windchimes and Suncatchers Augusta, WI N/A
Amy Schmitz Amy's Custom Designs Handmade Map Magnets, potted plants Eau Claire, WI
Andrea Richardson Falcon Fuseworks Fused Glass Cheese Boards & Soap Dishes Colfax, WI N/A
Andrew Violet N/A Leather Work, Pottery Menomonie, WI native, Des Moine, IA N/A
Angela Delf N/A Children's books Rice Lake, WI  
Angela lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. After more than a decade in the financial services industry, she decided to stay at home with her children. As she was constantly looking for ways to declutter, organize, and simplify her life at home, this book was born. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, running, coaching soccer, volunteering at her children’s school, and traveling. An avid supporter of her library and sharing things she no longer needs, she enjoys stocking her little free library, painting and hiding inspirational rocks for people to find (#ricelakerocks), and donating to others.
Angela Wheeler Kitschy Mama Handmade Bibs and other Sewn Items Eau Claire, WI   My Etsy Shop
Anne Helgeson Annie Jack Workshop Upcycled Wood  Independence, WI
Aubre Walther N/A Handbound Journals, Clay Magnets Eau Claire, WI N/A
Audrey Moon Moon Works Studio Handmade jewelry from secondhand tins Eau Claire, WI My Facebook 
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I was born a “junker” here in Wisconsin. I love seeing how I can repurpose as many materials as possible: second-hand leather purses & belts, ceramic shards (inspired by a post-earthquake & tsunami trip to Japan), guitar & harp strings, second-hand & vintage tins… you name it! Then, I love most to turn them into jewelry!
Becky Manske Becky's Custom Crafts Hand-dyes Silk Scarves Eau Claire, WI N/A
Benny Williams Crows Feet Farm Wisconsin Magnetic Bottle Openers, Wood Wisconsin Art Eau Claire, Wi My Etsy Shop
Beryl & Becky Ouimette Moon Bees, LLC Herbs and Altar Stone Chippewa Falls, WI My Facebook
The Chippewa Falls-based cousin team Beryl & Becky Ouimette (Moon Bees, LLC) are lifelong creative conspirators specializing in merging their inspiring arts with enchanting and applicable crafts. Moon Bees, LLC has been cultivating their knowledge in design and the magical and practical properties of herbs, stones, resins with the deeper connections we share with our beautiful Earth since 2004. They are inspired by sharing the hidden magics of this world with all peoples in a way that is beautiful, inspiring, and excites the inner magic of the beholder.
Brianna Capra B Capra Studio Arts Original Art Prints & Comic Books Menomonie, WI My Facebook 
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I live in the woods along the Chippewa River, surrounded by the plants and wildlife that also call this place home. My artwork and illustrations are influenced by my love for nature. As a comic book writer and illustrator, I get to add humor and commentary, hoping to inspire others to think about their relationships with nature, animals and other humans.
Britta Voight Mulberry Acres Designs Handmade Accessories  Oshkosh, WI My Etsy ShopMy Facebook
I’m Britta, the creator at Mulberry Acres Designs. I am a fur mom of 3 and married to a woodworker. I love refinishing furniture and hiking in my spare time and I try to be eco-conscious with all my creations.
Cari Raynae Jacobson N/A Handmade Paper Cards Recycled Sweater Mittens and Hats Eau Claire, WI
I love to see someone smile or even burst into laughter when reading the greeting on my cards. It makes me feel like I may have helped brighten their day a bit. Cari Raynae creates one-of-a-kind clothing, paper/paint collages, and unique greeting cards right here in the Chippewa Valley in her own “Creation Station/ Studio”
Cheryl Ungaro Cheryl Ungaro Designs Handmade Earrings Altoona, WI My FacebookMy Etsy Shop
I am self-taught jewelry maker. I began my jewelry making a few years ago with beading, since then I have progressed through many different stages of jewelry making by watching and learning through videos and books. I continue to create with metals but my newest passion is working with clay, the colors and designs are endless.
My designs are one-of-a-kind, some may look the same but due to texture and other processes each one becomes unique in its own way. My goal is to create unique pieces that you will enjoy and be proud to wear or give as a gift! I believe that the jewelry designs you choose to accessorize with should be just as unique as you!
Courtney Howe Court's Macrame Macrame Wall Art and More Eau Claire, WI My Facebook 
Hi! My name is Courtney Howe I am a student at UWEC! I started making macrame last year to make gifts for my friends and family during christmas.Then it turned into a business this summer when I needed something to do during quarantine! I am inspired by my friends, family, and wonderful support system!
Cynthia Hinkley CindraArt Handmade Cards Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
My name is Cynthia Hinkley. I started doing cut paper art on a whim, the day after I got my Creative Writing Degree from UWEC in 2005. My art is inspired from my love of animals and nature. Through my art I hope people will feel connected to the joy and whimsy in their own hearts.
Dan Barnum Chippewa Valley One Handers Homemade Hot Sauce Eau Claire, WI   
Spawned from my love of chicken wings I decided to start my own hot sauce company. Gardening followed in this process since it is difficult to get all the ingredients needed to make a good sauce from local stores. My backyard garden and the local community gardens have allowed me to grow this hobby into a actual business. From mild to super hot I plan on bringing the heat to the Chippewa Valley.
Darrel Bowman N/A Ceramic Artist Bangor, WI N/A
David Hedquist N/A WaterFalling in Wisconsin -Book Custer, WI  N/A
Denise Anderson Denise Anderson Carly's Choice Purses, Clutches, Coin Purses Eau Claire, WI N/A
My name is Denise Anderson. I love working with fabrics. I started out helping my daughter with a fundraiser. I named our little fundraiser Carly's Choice. (After my daughter.) Our purses became so popular I continued to create new purses and totes.  
Dominic Del Vecchio Del Vecchio Design Studios Handmade Glass Art Eagan, MN
Specializing in clean fused designs & stained glass lighting applications I have been creating functional, modern, high quality, and affordable glass art for over 6 years now. My name is Dominic Del Vecchio and I invite you to join me on the journey into the endless field of glass working.
Don Imm Pen Shop Boys Handmade Wooden Pens, Sterling Silver Silver Rings, and Pendants Eau Claire,WI N/A
Don Imm is a local artist who specializes in silversmithing, wood turning, and other jewelry making. He has been an artist since a young age, who was inspired by his father who was an accomplished carver and painter.
Emilie Huebner The Sudsy Stegosaurus Handmade Soaps  Eau Claire, WI
Hi! I’m Emilie, and I make soap. I’ve been creating bars and scrubs full of whimsy and fun since 2021 and am always looking for new techniques to try. Inspiration is everywhere! From pineapples and lemonade to a friend’s axolotl, new soap ideas seem to be ever flowing. Custom soap requests are always welcome!
Emily Severson & Trenity White Silvasano Wild Nettle Salves Eau Claire, WI  My Facebook
Silvasano is a small, locally owned business. We've been selling our product since the end of 2021, but we've had a passion for natural living for our whole lives. We want to not only help people feel better, but teach then about natural health too.
Eric Holey & Roxanne Litchfield Dancing Cat Arts Ceramic Artist Eau Claire, Wi My Website
Erica Becker Erica Becker Small Town Hand Made Knit Hats Cuba City, WI My WebsiteMy Etsy Shop
I always wanted to be an artist, but I can't draw to save my life. Then I learned how to knit to fulfill a bet with a college friend. Suddenly I found my creative outlet, I get to "paint" with yarn. I love watching people get excited to wear something I created.
Evelyn Nelson Jewelry by Evelyn Handmade Jewelry Eau Claire, WI
My name is Evelyn Nelson and I have been living in Eau Claire for the last three years, and counting. I have always been the type of individual to express myself through creative outlets, and now jewelry is one of them! Each jewelry piece is made with locally source materials, and most are acquired second hand or thrifted. I am inspired by all of the female creators and figures that surround my everyday life. I hope you all enjoy your one-of-one piece by me!
Gina Haupt Big Ears Art Poured Art Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
Gina Haupt is a “pour” artist and enjoys creating her works because each work is unique and takes on a life of its own as it is being created. No two works are ever the same. She enjoys expanding the limits of the mediums that can be poured on, focusing on canvas, but also pouring on things like records, Christmas ornaments, and tiles to name a few.
Grant Ruegnitz Clay and Fire Handmade Pottery Menomonie, WI

Clay & Fire pottery is created with an eye to both form and function. While the pots are beautiful to look at, they are also made with the intention of the consumer using the pottery on a daily basis. This basic principle goes back to some early lessons taught by some of Grant's first ceramic teachers.

Grant has been a professional potter since 2000. He lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin where he works in the studio he built at his home. He creates beautiful, yet functional pottery for his customers to enjoy and use in their everyday lives.

Depending on the desired outcome for each piece, Grant uses three types of kilns: electric, gas and wood fired. Each different kiln helps to create the final, varied effects. Since he wants his pottery to be used by his customers in their daily lives, all of Grant’s pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Ceramics is Grant's second career. He has taught art at the local high school about as long as he has been a professional potter. He loves being able to share what he has learned beyond the classroom with his students.
Hailey Vosen Loch Ness Yarnster Handmade Plushies Eau Claire, WI
Hey, I’m Hailey, a.k.a. the Loch Ness Yarnster! I have been creating cute plushies for over two years. I gather inspiration for my creations from food, animals, and everyday items. My favorite part of my creation process is putting sweet smiley faces on plush ordinary objects.
Harvey Gingerich N/A Amish Made Woven Rugs Woodville,WI N/A
Hannah Thorson Hung on You Boutique Handmade Keychains and Lanyards Bloomer, WI My WebsiteMy Etsy Shop
HI I'm Hannah Thorson! I have been creating my art since 2019. I opened up an Etsy store and soon found out that I was able to produce trendy high quality products that people love. My customers comments and feedback inspire me to keep creating new items that they will love.

Jamie Holen
Jamie Holen Paint it Black Collage wall art Chippewa Falls, WI
Jan Drehmel Jan Drehmel N/A Face Masks, Hot Pads, Coasters, Wine Mats Chippewa Falls, WI N/A
Color and Cloth are my inspirations. Just sitting at the sewing machine composing funky, useful things that might bring  a smile to anyone who receives them, makes me happy.
Janie Mininger Shabby Wool Jane's Wool items Barron, WI N/A
Jean Young Rising Moon Studios Stained Glass, Upcycled Tea Cup Bird Feeders Eau Claire, WI N/A
Jeanne Styczinski Jeanne Kay Publishing Children's book writer & illustrator Chippewa Falls, WI My Website
During my 30 year career as a kindergarten teacher, I read thousands of children’s picture books and wrote/illustrated many stories in my classrooms. I could see the important role that children’s picture books play in students’ literacy development and how early connection with pictures books help students develop a love for reading. In 2013, I felt an urgency to pursue my life-long dream, to write and illustrate picture books for children beyond my classroom. I created a small publishing company, JeanneKay Publishing (jeannekaypublishing.com), a website (mrsjeanne.com), and promote my writing/illustrating by presenting to elementary schools/libraries.
Jenna Krosch Lakeside Daydreams Handwritten Woodslice and Map Signs Eau Claire, WI  Visit My Etsy Shop!
Jensine Wing N/A Handmade Copper and Stone Jewelry Onalaska,WI N/A
In my jewelry, I prefer to use the natural colors present in nature. I do my own lapidary work and watch as the colors pop out with a vivid beauty that rivals any enhancement we could produce. The warmth of copper is my first choice in metals, but I use sterling and brass if the piece seems to need that color instead. Each piece is individually created and my designs are all my own original artwork.
Jessica Sheeran Cool Critters Unique Handmade Critters Clevland, OH My Etsy Shop
Jodi Lepsch BumbleBee Arts Wire Wrapped Pendants Eau Claire, WI
John Marchello John Marchello Art Silverware jewelry Ann Arbor, MI My Etsy Shop
John Sieglaff N/A Children's Book Eau Claire, WI N/A
Joseph Taylor Joseph Taylor Art & Jewelry Recycled Skateboard Jewelry Madison, WI Visit My Website! 
Aromatherapy Natures Way Healthy Girls Breast Oil Joyce Sobotta Aromatherapy Nature's Way Aromatherapy, essential oil blends, health products Eleva, WI Visit My Website!
Julie Beaton Earthen Elements Handcrafted Soap and Bath Products, Natural Lip Balm Eau Claire, WI N/A
Kala Rehberger Kala's Craft House Handmade Earrings and More Using Organic Materials Eau Claire, WI Visit My Website!
Hello! My name is Kala and I am a maker from Eau Claire. I plan to graduate in the spring with a BFA aim Ceramics and a BA in Psychology. I own and manage Kala’s Craft House, a small business that I started in 2020. I create jewelry from materials such as resin, brass, pressed flowers, teeth, bones, and other organic materials. Crafts aside, I enjoy blending psychological themes into my artwork, such as identity, consciousness, and the human condition.  
Katie Gamb N/A Original Art Prints & Jewelry Milwaukee, WI Visit My Website!  
Katie Keller KatherineKcrafts Handmade Scrunchies Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
Katie Lawver Merfolk Floral and Gifts Embroidered hoops Holmen, WI
Kayla Johnson Fox and Felicity Stickers, Magnets, and Posters Madison, WI
"Fox and Felicity" designer Kayla Johnson is a Wisconsin native currently living in Madison. An outdoor enthusiast, she launched the shop from a desire to gift her mom a Wisconsin State Parks map for Christmas in 2018. When she's not hiking with her dog or rock climbing, Kayla is creating other poster and sticker designs with a fresh cup of locally-roasted coffee in hand.
Kay & Serena Hostvet Crimson Lake LLC One-of-a-Kind, hand-drawn & painted jewelry and tins. Eau Claire, WI
Kevin Szymanski Kevin Szymanski N/A Graphic Design, Cards, Prints Eau Claire, WI N/A
Kevin Webster Healing Acres Organic Lavender Body Care Products & Tea Howards Grove, WI Visit My Website! 
Hello, my name is Kevin Webster. I have been growing and making lavender products since 2017. After leaving the field of carpentry, I felt like I need to do something with my life to help people in some form. I've always loved gardening and being outside, so I did my research. When I read up on plants that could help people, I landed on lavender. I loved how many different ways lavender could help someone, so I decided then and there that I was going to start a lavender farm. Just knowing that my products are helping people keeps me going.
Kristi Smith Kiki b. Omi Designs Up-cycled friends and art caddies Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop

Laura Hanson Using Prepositions Hand warmers, scarves, etc
Baldwin, WI My Etsy Shop
LeAnn Hub Studio1931Designs Handmade Ragdolls Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
I showed interest in sewing around the age of 11. Hand sewed my first plushie for a family member that didn't stay together for long! I enjoyed making clothing for myself and friends in high school along with Barbie doll clothes. After becoming a Mom, I loved making baby items for my children. Although my passion has always been with sewing I have an array of interests including paper crafts, embroidery, quilting and designing of svgs (scalable vector graphics) for scrapbook pages and cards. I worked for and designed layouts for a successful local scrapbooking company for 8 years. I enjoy challenging myself with my creativity and love seeing the finished product!
Lee Biddle Arrow Deco Laser Cut Address Signs & Jewelry Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
Lorrinda Benavides N/A Fine Art Prints Eau Claire, WI N/A
Mari Carlson MariTollefsonCarlson Hand-printed Cards Eau Claire, WI My Etsy Shop
Mari Carlson has been printmaking since middle school. She is inspired to make art as a means of conveying joy. Beauty makes us smile.
Melissa Eskridge Schaub Melissa Sue Designs Handmade Leather Earrings Eau Claire, WI
"I love all things crafty. I enjoy expressing my creative side and have truly enjoyed making one of a kind leather earrings for myself. After receiving multiple requests, I am now bringing my designs to you in my {free time} as I am also a mommy, wife, and nurse. Each leather piece in uniquely made and is a lovely addition to any outfit. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do."
Melissa Todd Wool & Feather Farm Wool yarn, tote bags, and felted soap Colfax, WI
Molly Lewandowski Molly Lew Stickers Hand-drawn Stickers Wausau, WI   
Thank you COVID-19 for giving me a lot of time to think and create. When quarantine hit, I started doodling on paper, but then switched to my iPad in June 2020 as an outlet to release some pent up creative juices. I have two older brothers that have long moved out, so I spent a lot of time with my puppy outside creating, creating, and doing some more creating. Stickers have been a huge part of traveling memorabilia for me and I have collected them from every place I have traveled to. I was so hesitant when I got the idea to start making and selling my own sticker line, but the voices in my head all echoed my parents. They would continuously encourage me to take the leap and share my creativity with the world... and that’s what I did! I have gained so many new small business friends and appreciate all their hard work! I never realized how much actually goes into being a girl boss, until I became one myself.
Missy Limbeck Muddy Missy Ceramic Artist Shell Lake, WI native, Chaska, MN N/A
Molly Dexter Seneca Avenue Arts Texture and Acrylic on Canvas Eau Claire, WI

My Etsy Shop
Molly Linton Knit Wit Mittens - Seasonally Available Eau Claire
Nicole Griner Simply Crafted By Design Plant Pots, Tumblers, and Wall Signs Eau Claire, WI
My name is Nicole and I have been creating my crafts for 5 years. It all started with planning for my personal wedding. I created all my flowers, and worked with a local artist to make signs! Now I have the capability to make my own things and create designs I come up with. I love to do custom orders and to personalize all my crafts so they are one of a kind!
Patricia A Hawkenson Expressive Domain Illustrator Eau Claire, WI
Perry L. Kyser Perry L. Kyser N/A Handcrafted Wood Items. Post Office Banks, Jewelry Boxes, Disappearing Coin Banks Eau Claire, WI N/A
Presleigh Olson-Buehler Imagine art by Presleigh Alcohol ink pendants, magnets, trivets, wall hangings Eau Claire, WI
Robert Romanshek N/A Sterling Silver and Stone Jewelry Eau Claire, WI N/A
Roger Kieper Northwoods Sound Handcrafted Wood Tongue Drums Bryant, WI N/A
Ruth Lundblad N/A Acrylic, Watercolor Original Artwork, Prints Eau Claire, WI N/A
Hi I’m Ruth, a wife, mother, grandma, sister, teacher and artist. I started drawing and painting late in life falling in love with watercolor for it’s transparency and movement - Watercolor seem to paint itself.  Experimenting with Acrylic is so fun with its texture and versatility. In both realistic and abstract art, I search for light and contrast.  The art world is filled with exciting opportunities, new mediums and great ideas. Art like life is an experiment in learning. I enjoy the whole process.   Its fun to hear the comments and stories other have around my work.   I love introducing others to art as well as producing it myself.
Ryan Kelly Tiny's Taxidermy Cartoon Sculptural Pieces Lacrosse, WI My Etsy Shop
My name is Ryan Kelly and I have been making art professionally for 20 years. I started as a Cartoonists and my drawings have evolved over time into sculptural pieces. My goal as an artist is to make things as funny and fun as I can.
Ryan Morgan Humble Apparel Co. Modern outdoor apparel and goods Minneapolis, MN

Humble Apparel Co. is a Minneapolis-based outdoor apparel and goods company with a focus on clean, modern design.  We choose paddles over motors.  Hikes over drives.  Campfires and stars over city lights.  All with family and friends.
Our humble beginnings started in 2016 after we struggled to find modern apparel for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, an outdoor place we love.
We donate 7% of our profits to Boundary Waters Canoe Area conservation efforts and youth outdoor outreach programs.

Sandra Churness Sandi Churness N/A Batik Art and Cards Chippewa Falls, WI N/A
Brush melted bee’s wax on areas of fabric that are to be white. Dye it in the lightest color and wax. Dye, wax, dye, wax…. iron between paper to remove the wax. That is the process of Batik. It has kept me fascinated and enchanted for 40 years!
Sara Haley N/A Hand-beaded wrap bracelets Chippewa Falls, WI N/A
Sarah Lichtenwald Sarcastitchery Embroidered Home Decor & Face Masks LaCrosse, WI
Seth Pitt Seth Pitt The Art of Seth Illustrative Prints Thomas, WV My Website
Seth is an artist currently residing in the mountains of West Virginia. He grew up constantly traveling to Wisconsin to visit family and remembers those days filled with the smell of cedar, woody mazes, and friendly barn ghosts. He considers daydreaming essential, wonder imperative and an unyeilding reverence for life boundlessly indispensible.
Shawna Stanley Shawna Lou Creative, LLC Hand-drawn art prints and cards Eau Claire, WI My Website
Stacy Shiffer Lone Tree Soaps Goatsmilk Soap, Lotion, and Bath Products Eau Claire, WI My Website
Stephan Dean Books to Buttons, LLC Handmade pins and magnets from found images and recycled books Milwaukee, WI My Website 
Steve Ritzinger Wissota Works Hancrafted Laser Printed Wood Items Chippewa Falls, WI My Facebook 
Wissota Works is a father and daughter team making beautiful products for the people of the Chippewa Valley and beyond.
Susan Walsh STARTwithART Junk Journals Eau Claire, WI N/A
Tabitha Moran Tabatha Moran Happy Paws Happy Paws, Crocheted Animals Eau Claire, WI N/A
Tanya Potter TJ Potter(y) Pottery Eau Claire, WI My Website 
Tanya Potter was born and raised in the frozen tundra of northern Wisconsin. Growing up, she enjoyed playing with mud and that never stopped. Throughout her life getting messy with all sorts of art supplies and nature have created a peaceful mindset and a way to cope with anxiety and depression. Pottery runs in her blood and is the perfect combination of dirt, paint, and calm.
Trillium Womack Skinfully Decadent Handmade Body Care Eau Claire, WI  
My name is Trillium Womack. I started Skinfully Decadent by creating body butters and lip balms in 2013 as I had my own skin concerns. Everything I tried to use was either so loaded with medicine or did nothing to help. I asked my dermatologist what I should be using, they recommended the ingredients I currently use in my products. They have proven to be more effective than the prescriptions I was using prior.
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