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Abundant Acres Farm LLC


Our story begins with happenstance. A desperate Facebook plea held my gaze, “free goats to a good home.” In response, I jumped in the truck with two xl dog kennels. Upon arrival, I saw Dotty and Minnie, two beautiful Nubian goats, standing next to the moving truck. While prized possessions to their family, the plan to take the goats to their new home changed. My plan to use dog kennels also changed when I saw how big they were! The truck door opened and the two goats, plus a chicken, jumped in! The look of apprehension on Minnie’s face was as priceless as the look on Rich’s face when he heard what I did. The miracle is that he still loves me, but that might have something to do with the soap I make for him.

Abundant Acres Soaps are the perfect mix of miracle and happenstance: natural soaps made without harsh chemicals or petroleum-based ingredients. Small batches carefully measured and artfully designed. A milk legacy from Minnie and Dottie. Natural goat milk products stand the test of time. Our customers report successful outcomes to acne, maskne, dry skin and all over skin relief. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Abundant Acres Soaps also use best practices for sustainability. From goat care to the ingredients and packaging, our priority is zero waste and earth friendly solutions.

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