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  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle
  • Tangled Up In Hue 100% Soy Candle

100% Soy Candle

Article number: BLUSAS04
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All Soy Candles are made in house!
Out of stock on the scent you want?  We are happy to make a fresh batch just for you.  Simply shoot us a message and let us know which size and scent you are interested in.  Please note that it may take 1-3 additional days to complete any candle orders that are currently out of stock on our sales floor. 
Cactus Flower and Jade - bright and lively, succulent as the first tender buds of spring emerging from their winter sleep. Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness.
White Birch - A sophisticated pine scent with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean, creating a unique aromatic crispness. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf.
Watermint and Clementine - an invigorating orange citrus fragrance enveloped in an herbal bouquet. Top notes of citrus and sweet basil give way to a prominent orange peel note. Mint leaves and chamomile combine with agave nectar and tomato leaf in the base. Orange and lemon essential oils keep Watermint and Clementine bright, while mint and eucalyptus essential oils reinforce the green, herbaceous accord.
Mango and Coconut Milk - a modern tropical fusion of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk. Pineapple and orange top notes meld with ripe mango and a hint of peach. Coconut milk and sugar base notes round out this lush, luxurious fruit medley. 
Rosemary Sage - Indulge in some aromatherapy and surround yourself in the herbal mélange of Rosemary Sage. Cooling eucalyptus and pine notes uplift fresh green florals and rosemary, while earthy sage and cedar lend this fragrance an enticing woodsy base. An infusion of fir needle, eucalyptus, and cedar leaf essential oils reinforce the botanical beauty of this scent.
Suede and Smoke - evokes an atmosphere of relaxing with an after-dinner cordial in an old fashioned smoking room with worn leather chairs and smoldering cigars. Bold notes of leather and smoke is a sensual or masculine scent. Hints of amyris, musk, and moss complement the smokiness of this intensely earthy fragrance.
Tomato Leaf - This is a ‘true to life’ freshly crushed tomato leaf from the garden. The aroma of just-plucked, green tomato leaves blends with hints of lemon peel and fresh summer herbs. This fragrance is green and herbal, yet still light and airy enough to boost any room. A base of green leaves and moss intensifies the earthiness of the fragrance.
Whiskey - Though there are many different styles and origins, the essential aroma of whiskey is unmistakable. Also known as the "water of life," our Whiskey fragrance oil is an intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes and smoked oak.  This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and birch tar.
Cranberry Woods - This fragrance combines the tartness of cranberries and currants with pleasing herbaceous accords. This scent is a fantastic way to welcome the start of fall but also makes a great choice year-round.  This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Fir, Cinnamon, Patchouli, and Orange.
Apples and Maple Bourbon - This scent is an intriguing, upscale take on a traditional apple spice fragrance. This mouthwatering, boozy scent starts with top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. Bourbon and butter are the heart of this fragrance, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish off this irresistible baked apple dessert.  This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, tangerine, mandarin, and orange.
Ginger & Saffron - A fresh, true-to-life fragrance with modern sensibilities. A zesty top note of lemon enhances the peppery ginger core. Saffron and amber base notes add warmth to this intriguing earthy scent. Ginger, patchouli, and cedarwood essential oils reinforce the natural ginger aromas. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including ginger, cedarwood, geranium, and patchouli.
Cinnamon and Vanilla - This scent combines the full bodied scent of spicy cinnamon with the sweet and creamy accords of vanilla.  This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including gurjun balsam.
Cucumber Water and Melon - Top notes of zesty lime and ozone give way to a fresh cucumber aroma, sweetened by ripe honeydew and cantaloupe melons. Bamboo and aloe base notes enhance the green, natural quality of this refreshing scent.
Lavender - Imagine a summer meadow drenched in the morning sunlight, rows of lavender flowers gently shifting in a light breeze. This Lavender fragrance stays true to this classic, beautiful flower, enhancing the natural aroma of lavender with notes of citrus, camphor, and eucalyptus.
Patchouli - This classic fragrance begins with rich spice notes of ginger, cinnamon, and clove that give way to a strong core of patchouli with traces of jasmine. Warm, woody base notes of oud, amber, and even more patchouli add to this earthy, nostalgic scent.
Magnolia and Peony - The complex floral powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Base notes of powder and wood wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish.
Bamboo and Green Tea - A blend of base notes of fresh bamboo and tea leaf to create this fresh, green scent. 
Blue Sage and Sea Salt- Inspired by the Northern California coastline, Bergamot, sea salt, beach sage, eucalyptus, jasmine and lavender on a base of sea grass, white cedar, amber and rosewood.
Cabin Fever - Back by customer demand. Woodsy, warm and spicy. You won’t mind being stuck indoors with this complex inviting aroma.
Eucalyptus - The strong scent of eucalyptus is a rare scent in the world, but close to a true menthol
French Thyme - Deep herbal, green fragrance. Earthy, and soothing. In the Middle Ages, thyme was believed to assure passage into the next life. We think it will make you a bit more content to stay in this one.
Green Pine - Fraser Fir with subtle notes of juniper, sandalwood, and citrus.
Jasmine - Intoxicating, deep, exotic and sensually mystical.
Witches Brew - A woodsy fragrance of cedar wood and spices. Sweet musk with vanilla notes round out this scent.
Roasted Espresso - Robust coffee accompanied by notes of vanilla, cinnamon & hazelnut.
Lemon Basil & Olive - Fresh citrus, green herbs, and the tangy bite of olive.
candle / handmade / soy / wax
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